Friday, October 30, 2009

My get up and go got up & went to the show :)

A Face F0r Radio.
Best local band?
I think so.
Not to mention the kids in it are just awesome.
It's cool to know people in the band.
You get inside deets.
Tonight's show was amazin'.
They were so good.
They did a Good Charlotte cover and everyone went insane.
Dalton was all, OMG I loveee them.
We went outside at one point, and everyone was yelling out quotes from one of the most amazing YouTube videos ever.
Then Brandon added DENZEL WASHINGTON!
It was great.
So I'm textingg.
I'm talking to Taylorrr & Blake.
Not Blake Blake, the other Blake.
Confused? I'm not.
Hey, follow me on twitter.
Oh wait no, I'm not that lame. I don't ask for followers because I really don't care.
I do have a twitter though. With 15 followers.
My latest one is Steven.
Thank you Steven. :)
I hate when people are split into two personalities.
they can
1. be there for you, be trusted, make you smile constantly, make you feel protected, make you laugh, give you hugs, be all-around nice.
but then they can
2. be a jerk to the people you care about, be a jerk to you, ignore you, be mean in general.
No this isn't about one specific person if you're thinking about someone.
I'm just saying in general.
Because I hate when people are like that.
I also hate nagging and when people ask you the same thing over and over just to fill up air with words.
Or when they don't pay attention and then ask the same thing later.
And when people never stop talking. I don't usually mind, but it gets really obnoxious sometimes. And when people talk about the same thing all the time. It's like yeah. Lol.
Just needed to get that out there.
So I have a lot of songs stuck in my head.
Sugar We're Goin' Down.
Damned If I Do Ya.
Guilty Pleasure.
Good songs, yo.

I suppose I'll leave now.
I love you.

and don't you forget it.

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