Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's been a while.

Greetings, comrades.

It's been a while ;)

Here's whats up.

We had a sub in chem. She rocked. We learned. <3

I know how to play Yourbiggestfan by NeverShoutNever.
It's wonderfulll.

This weekend I went to a softball thingy in Chicago. College coaches were there along with an olympic player. It was so cool. :) I had to miss the show though. I heard the band was AWESOME, as usual. And Jeff asked if I was there. Haha. :]

December 18th. Breathe Electric. A Face For Radio.
So glad it was rescheduled.

Friday I'm going to see New Moon with Julia and Liza :D
And Saturday a ton of us are getting together to chill.
We're gonna go lay on Mr. Vinson's lawn cause he lives right down the street from Christian & I.
I'm hyped.

Saturday night, I talked to my friends, and then everyone was tired and lameness, but Christopher and I talked for a while and it was amazing :) I was very happy. That night/next morning I was on airrr. I love him. Hahaha.

Stephanie and Brandon = 1 year Sunday.

Christmas. I want snow.
It shouldn't be this cold without snow.


My tummy has been growling.
It will be happy now.
I like Cade and Sam.

Okays. I guess that's all.
Peace out girl scout. <3



Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am free.
Usually I have a ton of stuff to do & I'm behind.
But no.
Now, I am free.
Free of homework.
Free of stress.
I like this feeling.

All I have to do today is some eschool.
Then I can do whatever I want.
I think I will get the Orange Box.
I also think I will get my hair cut this week.
Layers (:
And I want to play Apples To Apples with my parents.
Steph left it at Christian's house.
So I took it.

I wanna see Paranormal Activity.
& I kinda wanna see The Fourth Kind.
Steven said it sucked.
His birthday is on Wednesday.

So I'm writing a story.
I really wish I would have joined NaNoWriMo.
Perhaps next year.

I write a lot of songs.
I keep them in secret notebooks that are scattered around the house.
Two of them are recent-ish.
One I wrote the other day.
If I was cool (and a decent singer) I would record them.
But I'm not.
So no.

eschool is lamesauce.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Letter, Sentence, CATCH PHRASE!

Ugh. I need Facebook.
I don't NEED it,
I just crave it.
I'm getting mobile updates for Friday's plans.
& like,
I can't see what's even going on.
& I can't ask my math question to anyone.
15 year olds are inappropriate.
I like my hair today :)
I got a varsity letter!
I need a letter jacket nao.

Monday, November 2, 2009

happy november!

Hi, Friend.
I feel like Eric from South Park.
I think I'm going to tell people I have a blog.
No one reads this.
I feel like a fail.
So Sophie and I were outside.
& like,
Jeremy came walking from his car over to us.
And he looked...cold?
But I guess he was just angry.
Lmao, this is great.
He came over to us and started complaining about our math teacher.
He started to tell us why he was mad.
Then some kid came up...
& he was looking at Jeremy,
& was just like,
"Guess where I'm going!"
Jeremy stopped talking to us and was like *sigh*, "Where.?"
And the kid was like,
"BURGER KING!!!!!!!!"
And he was saying stuff like,
"I am SO f****** excited! THE KING OF BURGERS!!"
My God.
That will never get old.
I forced myself to stop laughing so Jeremy could finish his story.
But he was just like,
"Just forget it, I'm going. Give me a damn hug."
So I did. & he picked me up. & he brought Sophie into the hug. ANd he didn't let us go for like, a while. Lmao.
It was entertaining.
And it kept me warm.
Guys are good for that kinda stuff.
Especially when they smell good.
xD !
So no one was really at school today due to the field trip.
AFFR just came on :]
Anyways. They all went rock climbing for gym.
I hope I get to do that next semester.
Mom is looking at my grades.
I went to the principal's today. Lolol.
It was awesome.
I wasn't in trouble.
He just showed me all my records.
I was an advanced child.
Muffin triangles.

Friday, October 30, 2009

My get up and go got up & went to the show :)

A Face F0r Radio.
Best local band?
I think so.
Not to mention the kids in it are just awesome.
It's cool to know people in the band.
You get inside deets.
Tonight's show was amazin'.
They were so good.
They did a Good Charlotte cover and everyone went insane.
Dalton was all, OMG I loveee them.
We went outside at one point, and everyone was yelling out quotes from one of the most amazing YouTube videos ever.
Then Brandon added DENZEL WASHINGTON!
It was great.
So I'm textingg.
I'm talking to Taylorrr & Blake.
Not Blake Blake, the other Blake.
Confused? I'm not.
Hey, follow me on twitter.
Oh wait no, I'm not that lame. I don't ask for followers because I really don't care.
I do have a twitter though. With 15 followers.
My latest one is Steven.
Thank you Steven. :)
I hate when people are split into two personalities.
they can
1. be there for you, be trusted, make you smile constantly, make you feel protected, make you laugh, give you hugs, be all-around nice.
but then they can
2. be a jerk to the people you care about, be a jerk to you, ignore you, be mean in general.
No this isn't about one specific person if you're thinking about someone.
I'm just saying in general.
Because I hate when people are like that.
I also hate nagging and when people ask you the same thing over and over just to fill up air with words.
Or when they don't pay attention and then ask the same thing later.
And when people never stop talking. I don't usually mind, but it gets really obnoxious sometimes. And when people talk about the same thing all the time. It's like yeah. Lol.
Just needed to get that out there.
So I have a lot of songs stuck in my head.
Sugar We're Goin' Down.
Damned If I Do Ya.
Guilty Pleasure.
Good songs, yo.

I suppose I'll leave now.
I love you.

and don't you forget it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

boo! did I scare you? fail.

my first block teacher had better dress up like graph paper.
that says flaw.
tomorrow is dress up day seeing as halloween is this weekend.
i got my outfit.
total pwnage.
or not.
i'm a northwestern superfan.
i gottts...
black leggings.
purple leopard print mini skirt xD
black underarmour <3
and my northwestern shirt from when i was in little league.
it still fits :D
we also get to do jail & bail.
my chem teacher is so going in that wooden cell.
along with someone else.
not sure who though.
could be chris.
could be brandon.
could be jeremy.
could be me.
could be you.
unless you don't go to school with me.
then you're lucky.
so i have to take a chem test tomorrow.
and i have math to do.
and the other thing...
i can't say it.
it hurts too much.
i get to see jana tomorrow!
perhaps we'll make a k-town news vid.
then post it.
then you'll watch it.
and love it.
and fave it.
and sub us.
cause we rock we rock we rock we rock on.
whaaaat is up with that.
how dare he.
i like joe.
but he's too girl crazy.
he needs to bounce.
and kev is gettin' old.
he's gonna be drinkin' soooon.
wait no.
noah cyrus, what the HELL is wrong with you?
i mean really.
grow up.
oh wait.
stupid people these days, it just blows my mind...
cheese is the answer.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i like you.
lets be friends?
and puffins
they can't tear apart the bond between sheep and girl.
the bond between sheep and girl is so pure.
it is like that of dog and man.
only more intense.
you see,
when a girl befriends a sheep,
she opens up a whole new world.
a world of inside jokes that transfer to first period high school classes,
when you must make furniture.
yes, it is sheep shaped now.
i rest my case.
sheep friends alas, life is good now.
i wrote a song.
it's called Punt A Banana.
it's quite fantastic.
i have the music laid out on garageband.
all i must do is use my voice of manliness to sing.
i should sing it oddly.

people are dealing with problems.
they are sick.
and they are mean.
and people are mean to them.
and they are down.
and they are overwhelmed.
and they are not being taught in classes.
i mean,
Babaloo could teach us now, couldn't he?
i love my sheep friend.
he likez teh Gatorade.
my father is getting a new phone.
this is the phone i want.
he'd better get two.
Motorola Cliq for t-mobile.
check it.
i love you.