Sunday, October 25, 2009

i like you.
lets be friends?
and puffins
they can't tear apart the bond between sheep and girl.
the bond between sheep and girl is so pure.
it is like that of dog and man.
only more intense.
you see,
when a girl befriends a sheep,
she opens up a whole new world.
a world of inside jokes that transfer to first period high school classes,
when you must make furniture.
yes, it is sheep shaped now.
i rest my case.
sheep friends alas, life is good now.
i wrote a song.
it's called Punt A Banana.
it's quite fantastic.
i have the music laid out on garageband.
all i must do is use my voice of manliness to sing.
i should sing it oddly.

people are dealing with problems.
they are sick.
and they are mean.
and people are mean to them.
and they are down.
and they are overwhelmed.
and they are not being taught in classes.
i mean,
Babaloo could teach us now, couldn't he?
i love my sheep friend.
he likez teh Gatorade.
my father is getting a new phone.
this is the phone i want.
he'd better get two.
Motorola Cliq for t-mobile.
check it.
i love you.

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