Friday, October 30, 2009

My get up and go got up & went to the show :)

A Face F0r Radio.
Best local band?
I think so.
Not to mention the kids in it are just awesome.
It's cool to know people in the band.
You get inside deets.
Tonight's show was amazin'.
They were so good.
They did a Good Charlotte cover and everyone went insane.
Dalton was all, OMG I loveee them.
We went outside at one point, and everyone was yelling out quotes from one of the most amazing YouTube videos ever.
Then Brandon added DENZEL WASHINGTON!
It was great.
So I'm textingg.
I'm talking to Taylorrr & Blake.
Not Blake Blake, the other Blake.
Confused? I'm not.
Hey, follow me on twitter.
Oh wait no, I'm not that lame. I don't ask for followers because I really don't care.
I do have a twitter though. With 15 followers.
My latest one is Steven.
Thank you Steven. :)
I hate when people are split into two personalities.
they can
1. be there for you, be trusted, make you smile constantly, make you feel protected, make you laugh, give you hugs, be all-around nice.
but then they can
2. be a jerk to the people you care about, be a jerk to you, ignore you, be mean in general.
No this isn't about one specific person if you're thinking about someone.
I'm just saying in general.
Because I hate when people are like that.
I also hate nagging and when people ask you the same thing over and over just to fill up air with words.
Or when they don't pay attention and then ask the same thing later.
And when people never stop talking. I don't usually mind, but it gets really obnoxious sometimes. And when people talk about the same thing all the time. It's like yeah. Lol.
Just needed to get that out there.
So I have a lot of songs stuck in my head.
Sugar We're Goin' Down.
Damned If I Do Ya.
Guilty Pleasure.
Good songs, yo.

I suppose I'll leave now.
I love you.

and don't you forget it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

boo! did I scare you? fail.

my first block teacher had better dress up like graph paper.
that says flaw.
tomorrow is dress up day seeing as halloween is this weekend.
i got my outfit.
total pwnage.
or not.
i'm a northwestern superfan.
i gottts...
black leggings.
purple leopard print mini skirt xD
black underarmour <3
and my northwestern shirt from when i was in little league.
it still fits :D
we also get to do jail & bail.
my chem teacher is so going in that wooden cell.
along with someone else.
not sure who though.
could be chris.
could be brandon.
could be jeremy.
could be me.
could be you.
unless you don't go to school with me.
then you're lucky.
so i have to take a chem test tomorrow.
and i have math to do.
and the other thing...
i can't say it.
it hurts too much.
i get to see jana tomorrow!
perhaps we'll make a k-town news vid.
then post it.
then you'll watch it.
and love it.
and fave it.
and sub us.
cause we rock we rock we rock we rock on.
whaaaat is up with that.
how dare he.
i like joe.
but he's too girl crazy.
he needs to bounce.
and kev is gettin' old.
he's gonna be drinkin' soooon.
wait no.
noah cyrus, what the HELL is wrong with you?
i mean really.
grow up.
oh wait.
stupid people these days, it just blows my mind...
cheese is the answer.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

i like you.
lets be friends?
and puffins
they can't tear apart the bond between sheep and girl.
the bond between sheep and girl is so pure.
it is like that of dog and man.
only more intense.
you see,
when a girl befriends a sheep,
she opens up a whole new world.
a world of inside jokes that transfer to first period high school classes,
when you must make furniture.
yes, it is sheep shaped now.
i rest my case.
sheep friends alas, life is good now.
i wrote a song.
it's called Punt A Banana.
it's quite fantastic.
i have the music laid out on garageband.
all i must do is use my voice of manliness to sing.
i should sing it oddly.

people are dealing with problems.
they are sick.
and they are mean.
and people are mean to them.
and they are down.
and they are overwhelmed.
and they are not being taught in classes.
i mean,
Babaloo could teach us now, couldn't he?
i love my sheep friend.
he likez teh Gatorade.
my father is getting a new phone.
this is the phone i want.
he'd better get two.
Motorola Cliq for t-mobile.
check it.
i love you.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dance in the clouds, the sun is watching.

School needs to close.
The zombie epidemic is getting worse.
I guess I'll be eating lunch with Brandon until it's safe to move back to our table.
But he's awesome. So it's all good.
Last night was amazing.
We went from Culvers, to the crazy seniors taking us to the outlets.
Then we went to Vj's.
It was fun(ny).
We just talked. About everything.
I was tired.
I slept until 1:24 today.
But that's normal for me.
I can't wait to hang out with them again.
I miss Jana.
I hope she's aware.
I think she misses me too.
She's pretty.
We get each other.
I'm glad we have texting.
Best site ever.
So funny.
Gets me every day.
It never ends.
Dance epidemic tonight.
I made a video of myself dancing to that.
At 1 am.
A snuggie
A winter beanie
And shades.
It was great.
I'm odd.
I like chemistry conversions.
I don't like chemistry.
We have a test monday.
This is a fail.
Thank goodness for test corrections.
Dad just made me turn off music.
I like green eyes.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let this wind take me away, don't push me down again.

My titles make no sense.

I miss Jana.
A lot.
It's not fair.

So everyone is getting really sick.
It's the zombie epidemic, I'm tellin' ya.
Amanda looks half dead.
Ken coughs up a storm.
Jess is always sick.
Even Julia, my healthy, amazing Julia, has swine.
And Omar has it confirmed too.
Poor Omar, missing all that school, stuck in the house.
He comes back tomorrow :)

Remembering Sunday.
One of my favorite songs.
Alex. Hahaha. Jana. xD
I enjoy the occasional life.

Muffin triangles.
The game is tomorrow!
Yay for that (:
She's cool.
Got Dynamite, another really good song. Haha.
Jeremy is cool. He's also the only one online.
He works at Woodmans.
Everyone has jobs, it's like how do you have time?
My daddy says once you start working, you'll never stop.
Lol, fail.

Kay, not much to say, I tend to ramble.
And yeah. We're squares.
Hopefully we can see NSN :]
I need a drink.
I burnt my tongue on coffee today. I chugged it after lunch cause we had to go. I always do that, lol.
Brandon & I sat alone so we didn't have to sit by the sick crowded table. Lawl.
We had candles lit in chem :D
I like when we do that.
Math was easy.
& IED is a flaw ;)
I like our teacher, he's cool. Lol.
I forgot to tell Jana that one day I was being a copycat so I sang that we are touching awkwardly song to people. They looked at me like I was a fruit.
Usually I just laugh about everything that sounds even the slightest bit odd, like the plum pudding model.
AFFR is doing a Hey Ya cover, is that not the shizz?!
I'm so freaking excited.
They will go far.
# 1 fan, right here.
Mitchel Musso is hawtt.
Love = Music.
Lolol Still In Love With You just came on.
And I said Mitchel.
How ironic.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tell me when it's daylight, I might escape this trap.

I spent nearly 6 hours talking to Jeremy today.
I broke my record.
Jana is cool. I finally got to talk to her.
;D <3>I'm studying for a 45 question quiz, lawl.
That's a flaw.
I'm doing a game exchange tomorrow.
I'm letting Jeremy borrow my Zelda game and Kate is letting me borrow Super Mario Sunshine!! <3
I might see the Toy Stroies in 3D.
It'll be a good day.
I like breadsticks.
I might have ate too many.
(Thank you Jeremy and Julia.)
^^I love those crazy kids.
Hey everyone. Guess whaaaat.
Brandon LOVES Steph more than anything in the world.
She is the one for him.
You should see the way they talk about each other.
It's so cute.
They're perfect for each other. No doubt about it.
August and I were talking about colors.
I enjoyed that conversation.
I also enjoyed the breadsticks that might make me sick.
And the yummy water XD
I love Coldplay.
The Scientist & Clocks.
:D !
I think that's it.
Let me study now.


Monday, October 12, 2009

give me some space to take in my last breath.

so yeah.
today was chill.
it's a monday.
and yeah.
i have no idea what to talk about.
apparently we can't go to the concert >:l
so maybe i'll convince dad to take me to chicago.
speaking of which.
AFFR is playing there on November 7th.
this makes life so much grander.
i love Omar.
he's so nice.
i was gonna buy a hair crimper today.
Walgreens had everything except a hair crimper.
skip that.
so i'll get one after therapy tomorrow.
w00t w00t.
i love Cade.
i need my Northwestern superfan leggings and skirt.
haha, halloween should be fun.
and the day we dress up at school.
i'll look cute.
i hope :O
i'm gonna wear my black underarmour, Northwestern shirt, either a purple skirt and black leggings or a black skirt and purple leggings, and either my black low top Cons with purple laces or my white hi top Cons with purple laces. yahoo.
i wanna be asian.
i ain't racist.
pie is good on occasion.
but not all the time.
too much whipped cream is grr.
i like photobooth.
my Macbook is the shizz.
my hair was successful for once.
i was happy.
i took a shower, let it air dry, put in my coolio hair shiner/thinner/easifier and straightened it.
then slept.
and it pwned.
it was soft.
like Omar's angelic clouds.
that's what Taylor R. calls Omar's hair.
i still love how i blog when Jana is the only one who reads.
and maybe she won't even see this.
i love Nobody Has To Know.
it is the god of all HS songs.
i love Mike.
a lot.
apparently they got a puppy next door.
and apparently down the street they are selling mini australian shepherds.
which is what they got next door.
have you googled those kids?
dear gosh
they have got to be the cutest things in the world
i'm going to go on a cleaning spree
and see if i can get one.
i was just thinking about how i want a dog.
like two days ago i was thinking about it.
i saw Zombieland.
i like the boy.
he's kinda cute.
and he's funny.
"F*** me." I LAWLED.
that was so funny.
i need to see the Toy Stories.
and Love Happens.
k. that should be it.
i need to go try and fall asleep.
i'll probably read Friend Me.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm down with the sickness.

I stayed home sick today. I woke up at 5 something with a bad stomachache (I HATE WHEN THOSE COME ALONG!). I thought I was gonna be sick. I also have a messed up voice and a slight cough. Oh, and the sniffles. I ended up sleeping until one. I'll be doing math homework today, maybe some eschool? "Here comes that rainy day feelin' again..." ;] I just took a shower, and I feel a little better. I want to throw. Come visit me?

I love how I-whoa. What the hell?! I DID NOT SELECT ITALIC!!!!!!! ...Whatever. Anyways, I love how I blog when no one else reads these. I mean, I showed it to Brandon once, but no one else has seen this. It's so pointless. But I guess it's kinda cool to look back and remember good things that happened
during the day and holy S, I fixed it. :D

Cherry coke <3 style="color: rgb(102, 51, 255);">Purple VS. Green.
I love purple.

I discovered that I am more fond of using my computer in the dining room rather than the family room. There is more light here, and I'm pretty sure it is part of the reason for my better mood.

I hate being sick. Everything smells weird and you can't taste your food. And you run out of Kleenex in your room at 2 am and you realize that you need more pronto. But you're screwed because you can't go downstairs and get more at 2 am, your father would be all "WTF. Get back to bed, offspring." And your mother would be all "You aren't asleep yet? Make sure you have that dynasplint (something I have to wear on my finger due to my injury) on! Set your alarm! BLAH BLAH BLAH!"
Ha. Love you, parents.

The KKK took my baby away.
The Ramones = <3
My mom thinks I have the flu.
Gah^ my birthday present. <3>

I used weird font colors.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I made 25 dollars, yeah.

I woke up today, and I was jazzed.
I.E.D. was the same as usual. Break was kinda chill, I played Gran Turismo on Justin's PSP. I got a B on my math quiz :) and I turned in my four missing homework Caimen said, FAIL!
Before lunch I gave Chris a big hug :D he was late for class. Lol.
Lunch was entertaining. People make me laugh.
Chemistry. We finished October Sky. <3 I love that movie with a passion. Jake Gyllenhaal does a really nice job. =]
After Chem I hugged everyone as usualll. Then I went to therapy :p It was painful, but I'm doing pretty good. Then I fell asleep, then I babysat and Nathan fell asleep on the phone, fail. And...yeah.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

I feel the bass beneath my feet.

I went home sick after break today.
My stomach was hurting and I woke up with a semi-sore throat.
Tonight I'll catch up on my homework, mainly focusing on math.
I'm still crossing my fingers about dropping my eschool course.
I get to see Jana tomorrow night :)
I want a haircut. I need layers.
I felt kinda down earlier. So I cranked up some AFFR and guess what? I felt better.
Go there to feel better about your day.
Autosave. Whoa.
I need to get back into bass.
I love music.
I need guitar picks :O
It's cold out.
Snow is coming.
Fall puts me in a good mood.
I want to redo my room and make it purple. And blue. And organized. So I can have people over and there would be more space to hang.
Get chill.
Matt Gagui is really cool.
Andy's drive-in.
I guess I'm not going to homecoming, I don't have a dress yet anyway. Plus, you need a date to get in. So that isn't happening. haha.
Snakes on a plane. <3 Cobra Starship.
Woahhh. Cobra = snake.