Monday, October 12, 2009

give me some space to take in my last breath.

so yeah.
today was chill.
it's a monday.
and yeah.
i have no idea what to talk about.
apparently we can't go to the concert >:l
so maybe i'll convince dad to take me to chicago.
speaking of which.
AFFR is playing there on November 7th.
this makes life so much grander.
i love Omar.
he's so nice.
i was gonna buy a hair crimper today.
Walgreens had everything except a hair crimper.
skip that.
so i'll get one after therapy tomorrow.
w00t w00t.
i love Cade.
i need my Northwestern superfan leggings and skirt.
haha, halloween should be fun.
and the day we dress up at school.
i'll look cute.
i hope :O
i'm gonna wear my black underarmour, Northwestern shirt, either a purple skirt and black leggings or a black skirt and purple leggings, and either my black low top Cons with purple laces or my white hi top Cons with purple laces. yahoo.
i wanna be asian.
i ain't racist.
pie is good on occasion.
but not all the time.
too much whipped cream is grr.
i like photobooth.
my Macbook is the shizz.
my hair was successful for once.
i was happy.
i took a shower, let it air dry, put in my coolio hair shiner/thinner/easifier and straightened it.
then slept.
and it pwned.
it was soft.
like Omar's angelic clouds.
that's what Taylor R. calls Omar's hair.
i still love how i blog when Jana is the only one who reads.
and maybe she won't even see this.
i love Nobody Has To Know.
it is the god of all HS songs.
i love Mike.
a lot.
apparently they got a puppy next door.
and apparently down the street they are selling mini australian shepherds.
which is what they got next door.
have you googled those kids?
dear gosh
they have got to be the cutest things in the world
i'm going to go on a cleaning spree
and see if i can get one.
i was just thinking about how i want a dog.
like two days ago i was thinking about it.
i saw Zombieland.
i like the boy.
he's kinda cute.
and he's funny.
"F*** me." I LAWLED.
that was so funny.
i need to see the Toy Stories.
and Love Happens.
k. that should be it.
i need to go try and fall asleep.
i'll probably read Friend Me.

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