Thursday, October 1, 2009

I feel the bass beneath my feet.

I went home sick after break today.
My stomach was hurting and I woke up with a semi-sore throat.
Tonight I'll catch up on my homework, mainly focusing on math.
I'm still crossing my fingers about dropping my eschool course.
I get to see Jana tomorrow night :)
I want a haircut. I need layers.
I felt kinda down earlier. So I cranked up some AFFR and guess what? I felt better.
Go there to feel better about your day.
Autosave. Whoa.
I need to get back into bass.
I love music.
I need guitar picks :O
It's cold out.
Snow is coming.
Fall puts me in a good mood.
I want to redo my room and make it purple. And blue. And organized. So I can have people over and there would be more space to hang.
Get chill.
Matt Gagui is really cool.
Andy's drive-in.
I guess I'm not going to homecoming, I don't have a dress yet anyway. Plus, you need a date to get in. So that isn't happening. haha.
Snakes on a plane. <3 Cobra Starship.
Woahhh. Cobra = snake.

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