Monday, September 28, 2009


So school today was great.
I was picked on by Blake and Teddy, which was entertaining. But Yafchak(who wore the flannel!) saved the day, as always, while Brandon just watched...
I.E.D was easy and somewhat boring, as usual. We didn't do too much and the kids in there staple their arms...which pisses me off. Get a life.
Break; like I said, I got picked on and jostled around, lol, and my puzzle cube was stolen and then returned. Justin and I chatted (do the circulation!) and that was pretty much it.
Algebra 2 was awesome. I rocked one of the homework problems that Mari didn't get. Note to self: the feeling of academic accomplishment is nice ;)
Lunch was...lunch. Frenchy threw carrots at me, along with the other boys >.< but strangely, it made me laugh, which made Frenchy and Zach and Adrian laugh....etc. Then Chris gave me some tea <3 :D (thankssss!)
Chemistry wasn't bad. I liked the experiment we watched Mr. Cooper do, although I'm rather confused as to why the fire alarms didn't go off. There was smoke everywhere...lots of fire, which was cool.
After Chem I went home due to eSchool (>.<). I bought a Snickers, and it was good.
Then I fell asleep until four thirty -.-
I must go outside in the cold (<3) and throw some foam softballs in my batting cage now.
When I swing, I hit my back. I never used to do that. I don't like it. I need to figure out why I do that.
Tonight, I cannot go to Jana's, because of eSchool. >.< Good thing the math homework is easy. I'll do eSchool first and attempt to catch up.

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