Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Blog...? :O

Well hello.

I've always loved writing. I've just never done it successfully. I've started stories that turned out pretty good, but I never finished. I've joined websites for blogs, etc. that I never use. But maybe this will be different. Maybe I'll get something out of this. And maybe you, the reader, will get a peek inside my head.

Do I tend to look upset?
I am a generally ecstatic person. I'm happy quite often. I guess I just keep a straight face...? Today I was told by my friends that I looked like I 1. was going to kill someone 2. was annoyed 3. was pissed. I was not any of those, I was actually quite thrilled that everyone came to get me and drag me over to Christian's party. Thanks again, I hope Christian enjoyed his cherry coke. Oh, and the pie was good.

I really do not like eSchool.
It is time consuming and lame.
I for one think Lakeview should have electives. I went to that school for a reason; I didn't want to have to go to Bradford. And now I'm stuck doing eSchool for Spanish and "Learning and Thinking Strategies." Wtf? I think I know how to point out main ideas and how to write essays, etc. And if I'm wrong, I have english next semester! Don't take up my time and make me miserable. I'd much rather go see my friends that I never get to chill with.

That's another thing. I never see Jana anymore. In middle school I went to her house everyday. We carpooled and all that. She's my best friend. I never see her. >:O

I hate tornados. We got a tornado watch tonight and I started shaking. I love rain and thunder and lightning. But the fact that tornados exist makes it scary for me to enjoy light shows. Once, I stayed up until about four a.m. texting Chris because I was so freaked out that night. Come onn.

I wish I knew how to play football.

Boys Like Girls. Cobra Starship. The Maine. Versa Emerge. A Rocket To The Moon. Saturday the 17th of October. The Rave. Be there or be square.

I suppose that's all for now. Must check on eSchool. School tomorrow until my 1 p.m. early release. Goodnight. Text if you feel the urge.

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