Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let this wind take me away, don't push me down again.

My titles make no sense.

I miss Jana.
A lot.
It's not fair.

So everyone is getting really sick.
It's the zombie epidemic, I'm tellin' ya.
Amanda looks half dead.
Ken coughs up a storm.
Jess is always sick.
Even Julia, my healthy, amazing Julia, has swine.
And Omar has it confirmed too.
Poor Omar, missing all that school, stuck in the house.
He comes back tomorrow :)

Remembering Sunday.
One of my favorite songs.
Alex. Hahaha. Jana. xD
I enjoy the occasional life.

Muffin triangles.
The game is tomorrow!
Yay for that (:
She's cool.
Got Dynamite, another really good song. Haha.
Jeremy is cool. He's also the only one online.
He works at Woodmans.
Everyone has jobs, it's like how do you have time?
My daddy says once you start working, you'll never stop.
Lol, fail.

Kay, not much to say, I tend to ramble.
And yeah. We're squares.
Hopefully we can see NSN :]
I need a drink.
I burnt my tongue on coffee today. I chugged it after lunch cause we had to go. I always do that, lol.
Brandon & I sat alone so we didn't have to sit by the sick crowded table. Lawl.
We had candles lit in chem :D
I like when we do that.
Math was easy.
& IED is a flaw ;)
I like our teacher, he's cool. Lol.
I forgot to tell Jana that one day I was being a copycat so I sang that we are touching awkwardly song to people. They looked at me like I was a fruit.
Usually I just laugh about everything that sounds even the slightest bit odd, like the plum pudding model.
AFFR is doing a Hey Ya cover, is that not the shizz?!
I'm so freaking excited.
They will go far.
# 1 fan, right here.
Mitchel Musso is hawtt.
Love = Music.
Lolol Still In Love With You just came on.
And I said Mitchel.
How ironic.

1 comment:

  1. i miss you too.
    siwne = X.X
    alex gaskarth is too hot for his own good.
    demi = <3
    NSN = <3<3<3<3<3
    chad would approve of you singing his song.
    i know how it goes now.
    i can re-sing it to you sometime.
    miley = ~D:
    (that was supposed to be a throw up face)
    Mitchel makes it all better.
    and goodbye