Monday, November 2, 2009

happy november!

Hi, Friend.
I feel like Eric from South Park.
I think I'm going to tell people I have a blog.
No one reads this.
I feel like a fail.
So Sophie and I were outside.
& like,
Jeremy came walking from his car over to us.
And he looked...cold?
But I guess he was just angry.
Lmao, this is great.
He came over to us and started complaining about our math teacher.
He started to tell us why he was mad.
Then some kid came up...
& he was looking at Jeremy,
& was just like,
"Guess where I'm going!"
Jeremy stopped talking to us and was like *sigh*, "Where.?"
And the kid was like,
"BURGER KING!!!!!!!!"
And he was saying stuff like,
"I am SO f****** excited! THE KING OF BURGERS!!"
My God.
That will never get old.
I forced myself to stop laughing so Jeremy could finish his story.
But he was just like,
"Just forget it, I'm going. Give me a damn hug."
So I did. & he picked me up. & he brought Sophie into the hug. ANd he didn't let us go for like, a while. Lmao.
It was entertaining.
And it kept me warm.
Guys are good for that kinda stuff.
Especially when they smell good.
xD !
So no one was really at school today due to the field trip.
AFFR just came on :]
Anyways. They all went rock climbing for gym.
I hope I get to do that next semester.
Mom is looking at my grades.
I went to the principal's today. Lolol.
It was awesome.
I wasn't in trouble.
He just showed me all my records.
I was an advanced child.
Muffin triangles.

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