Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am free.
Usually I have a ton of stuff to do & I'm behind.
But no.
Now, I am free.
Free of homework.
Free of stress.
I like this feeling.

All I have to do today is some eschool.
Then I can do whatever I want.
I think I will get the Orange Box.
I also think I will get my hair cut this week.
Layers (:
And I want to play Apples To Apples with my parents.
Steph left it at Christian's house.
So I took it.

I wanna see Paranormal Activity.
& I kinda wanna see The Fourth Kind.
Steven said it sucked.
His birthday is on Wednesday.

So I'm writing a story.
I really wish I would have joined NaNoWriMo.
Perhaps next year.

I write a lot of songs.
I keep them in secret notebooks that are scattered around the house.
Two of them are recent-ish.
One I wrote the other day.
If I was cool (and a decent singer) I would record them.
But I'm not.
So no.

eschool is lamesauce.

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